“Travel early and travel often. Live abroad, if you can. Understand cultures other than your own. As your understanding of other cultures increases, you understanding of yourself and our own culture will increase exponentially.”

These are the words of Tom Freston, an American entertainment industry executive. He puts in plain words one of the deepest reasons of traveling. And if you really want to explore yourself, the best way to do it is through travel.

An amateur photographer finds her grit as she captures the king of the jungle in her frames in Gir Forest national Park Gujarat. At the same time, her father, a businessman in Mumbai, travels to Goa to meet a client and find rejuvenation in the salty winds of the beach. A 5 year old travels with her family from Delhi to Kerala and is amazed by the beauty and rich biodiversity of the backwaters – something that the concrete jungle where she stays could never offer her. A honeymoon couple visits Shillong for their honeymoon to find love in the serenity of the beautiful hill station. Do you see how much of yourself you could explore and re-explore only when you take a trip?

This is what motivated us to create PLUS 91 INDIA HOLIDAYS. Our team aims at helping people explore the world without worrying about ticketing, hotel bookings and car renting. We want you to be able to pick a destination and decide a budget. The rest is handled by us.

We create holiday packages for all budgets and ensure that your trip is an enjoyable one. Our current holiday packages are mainly for traveling within the country, but we are continually looking for partners in other countries to help our clients plan their travel outside the country with us as well.

Mission : Our mission is to provide personalized services to each of our clients based on their needs and their budget. We strongly believe in aiming for excellence in our services and ensure that every one of our clients is highly satisfied at the end of their trip. We want to help people travel smart and explore more without having to worry constantly about their budget.

Vision : Our vision is to be the most trusted and creative travel company in the world.

Integrity : PLUS 91 INDIA HOLIDAYS believes in providing honest reviews, accurate information and relevant costs to all its clients. You can rely on us completely for your trip to be an enjoyable one.

Professionalism : Whether you are a family, a solo traveler or a businessman; we ensure that our team handles every transaction and every communication professionally.

Innovative : The creativity of our team has helped us identify places which are unexplored, where you can enjoy without having to deal with the usual tourist crowd.

Passionate : We are passionate about the work we do. We aim at excelling at our work every day and ensure that every traveler enjoys their trip and returns with the fondest of memories only to plan another travel with us soon.

R K Yadav

“I'm in charge of operations, so I take care of you when you arrive in India. It's me who does a lot of the behind-the-scenes tasks, such as communicating with drivers and guides.

Rekha Yadav

“I take care of our guests before they arrive in India. I'm our Tour Designer and it's my job to create your itinerary. I'm there every step of the way, to ensure that your trip to India runs smoothly.”

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